Our Females

Romy von Adeloga

Born 03/08/2020

IGP 1     Korung 2023 / 2024   

BH / AD  Character test passed 

Rated  SG  under 2 years in Germany.

HD fast normal      ED normal    DNA Proven

VA Jax dei Precision        X      V (BSZS)  Maxima von Arminius   (VA1 Ballack)

Romy is a beautiful young female who arrived with us a puppy but who has developed into a high quality female with a tremendous working attitude and enthusiasm . A daughter of VA Jax dei Precision out of the stunning SG20 & V51 Maxima von Arminius . Maxima is a daughter of Double Sieger Ballack out of Leitzia von Arminius.

Maxima, Romys mother carries the bloodline of a female now deceased that I once owned Lucy von der Maleiche through her father Sieger Ballack. This was the driving force behind Romys purchase.

Romy came to us at just 16 weeks of age from the Legendary Kennel "von Adeloga" made famous by Albert Josef Platz in 1968 and now under the control of Iris Pichler and Michael Benin. 

Romy has returned to Germany to the home of her trainer Petra Aulenkamp for the 2022 Show Season 

Gaga von Arlett

V:  VA2 (Swiss) Uzzo von Arlett IGP3     X     Rimini von Arlett IGP3  (V3  BSZS 2021)

HD normal  /  ED normal   &  DNA Proven

Another very promising youngsters sent over to us from our partner Margit Van Dorssen at the Arlett Kennels in Cologne. We look foward to where our journey will bring us with them in 2021

Gaga "Heidi" 01/08/2021 LG Wanne-Nord  "SG8" JKLH Judge Norbert Scharschmidt  (SV)

                                 14/08/2021 OG Koln-Mulheim  "SG12" JKLH  Judge Norbert Scharschmidt  (SV)

                                        15/08/2021 LG Hanover-Mitte  "SG7" JKLH   Judge Helmut Buss (SV Vice President)

Umbria von Arlett

Born 16/03/2019

HD : fast normal / ED: normal / DNA Proven

VA Henko vom Holtkamper Hof             x              Lexi von Arlett

( Lexi is a VA1 Gary Daughter)

Many thanks to Margit for working with us again and allowing us to have this stunning VA Henko daughter who will be a big hit in and outside the show ring both here and abroad.

Umbria returns to Germany in Spring 2020 to begin her show career.

Umbria is co-owned by Margit van Dorssen, Mark Plunkett & Jimmy Smyth

Julia von Arlett   ( 11mths)

HD normal        ED normal 

V: Ibor vom Huhngrab ( V12 BSZS 2021 )    X     M: Rimini von Arlett ( V13 BSZS 2021 )

Julia comes to us at 8 months of age after placing VV2 at her first show in OG Koln-Mukheim under SV Judge Norbert Scharschmidt . Julia is the first and only Ibor Vom Huhnegrab daughter in Ireland or the UK. Finishing in V12 at the German Sieger Show this year 2021 Ibor is a very exciting male in Germnay being a son of the beautiful VA Spencer Di Casa Masserelli.  Julias mother is the top producing female for Margit Van Dorssen Rimini von Arlett who finished a fantastic V13 at this years German Sieger Show.

We have high hopes for Julia and look forward to campaigning her in Germany for the 2021 season.    

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